Friday, December 09, 2011

'B' Team Held By Stafford

The 'B' team were held to a 2-2 draw by bottom of the table Stafford 'B' last night. Draws on Boards 2 and 3 by Rob and Steve, and a win on Board 4 for Derrick, were Fenton's scorers. Danny Griffiths, playing his first game of the season for us on Board 1, came up against a very strong opponent and lost a piece and eventually the game. We were very unfortunate not to win the match because Steve had a winning endgame with a Bishop and Pawn against a Pawn. Unfortunately, with time running out, he missed the winning move and agreed a draw with his flag close to falling. This result sends the 'B' team into 3rd place in Division 3, a point behind the 2 leaders but with games in hand so we are still in a very strong position.