Thursday, October 20, 2022

Fenton Rapidplay Championship Result

The final 4 rounds of the Club Rapidplay Championship were played on Monday evening. The surprise result of the evening was Dylan beating Kas, the tournament favourite. Kas followed this up by losing against Jay. He was a piece up and in a winning position but then made an illegal move, which incurred a 2 minute penalty. He then made another illegal move shortly after, which cost him the game as, under FIDE Rules, if a player makes 2 illegal moves then he forfeits the game. After the dust had settled the final result was a tie between Dylan and Chris H, with both players on 5.5/7. There will now be a play-off on the 7th November, with Dylan having the White pieces because he had Black against Chris in an earlier round. If the play-off is drawn then there will be an Armageddon game. Click here - to view the results from all of the rounds.