Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Club Championship Results

There were several games played in the Club Championship last night :

Steve Emmerton 1  Chris Brooks-Green 0
Ernie Wilkinson 1  Matt Watson 0
Vlad Drezov 1  Gennady Tabala 0
Stuart Hull 0  Chris Brian 1

Ernie continues to lead the field, with a score of 4/5. You can click here to view the latest standings.

The outstanding 2nd round games must be completed by next Monday 14th March :

Stuart Hull v Glyn Valentine
Chris Hankey v Matt Watson
Petru Floresc v Dylan Whitney

If anybody else wants to play one of their later round games early then they are free to do so. Click here to view the complete draw. Just click on a Round number to see who you are playing and what colour you have.