Tuesday, January 28, 2020

'B' Team Disaster

It was something of a disaster in last night's Division 2 match against Newcastle 'B', who we outgraded by 45 points. We had high hopes of winning this one and, with Gerald Acey and Petru Floresc playing on the top 2 boards, we were fairly confident of picking up points there. Unfortunately, Petru went a piece down on board 2  but retrieved the situation with a perpetual check to salvage a draw. Grenville, playing on board 5, was a pawn down but had good compensation. However, he wasn't able to turn his positional advantage into a win and had to settle for a draw. Gerald was a pawn up in his game on board 5 and eventually pressed his advantage home to secure the win. Unfortunately, boards 3 and 4, where we might reasonably have expected to pick up at least a point, were a disaster, with both Glyn and Julian losing against lower graded opponents and giving Newcastle a 3-2 win. Click here for the match score card.