Monday, October 21, 2019

B Team hit top form

Tonight the B Team were at home to a strong Macclesfield team. However, we achieved an excellent result winning on the top 4 boards and running out winners by 4-1.

On Board 1, Petru played a good strategic game with some interesting tactics in the late middle-game. On Board 2, I played a tactical exchange which resulted in the win of 3 pawns. Phil Cattermole resigned when unable to stop the c pawn promoting. On Board 3, it appeared that Kas had blundered the exchange but he never gives up and he achieved excellent counterplay and a strong passed b pawn to win. On Board 4, Glyn won the exchange and took this into a very favourable ending. On Board 5 it appeared that Julian made a costly error just out of the opening and he ended up 2 pieces down and on the receiving end of a mating attack.

So a good result which is some compensation for our poor performance at Newcastle last week.

Click here for match card