Saturday, December 02, 2017

Default Costs Us Yet Another Match

Another defaulted board cost us the match last night as we were beaten 3-1 by Cheddleton in the Perry Trophy. We needed 2 points from the match to win it on board count or board elimination, but a disastrous start to the evening ensued when Mike was totally outplayed by his young opponent on board 1, to put us 2-0 down. That left us needing wins on both boards 2 and 3 by Ernie and Derek. Ernie looked to have at least a level position for most of the match. His opponent offered him a draw, which he rejected because we needed the win. Unfortunately he then drifted into a lost endgame, leaving us 3-0 down. Derek was always in control in his game on board 3 but it took him late into the game to Queen 2 Pawns before his opponent resigned. Click here for the match score card.