Tuesday, December 12, 2017

'B' Team Back To Winning Ways

The 'B' team entertained Alsager 'A' last night, although it's probably more accurate to say they entertained us as we ran out 4-0 winners. The night started badly for Alsager as their board 4 failed to materialise, putting us 1-0 up without pushing a pawn. Max then got a very quick win on board 3, followed very shortly afterwards with a win for me on board 2. Glyn's game on board 1 wasn't so straightforward as he was under time pressure and in a distinctly inferior position, and looking to be heading for a loss. However, his opponent failed to follow up on his positional advantage and allowed Glyn back into the game. A Rook sacrifice by his opponent turned out to be unsound and Glyn went into an endgame the exchange and a pawn up. A series of straightforward moves allowed him to claw some of his time back, and with a Pawn on the 7th rank, supported by another Pawn on the 6th, and a Knight about to drop, his opponent resigned. Click here for the match score card.