Friday, July 22, 2016

Club Membership Fees

Please note that Club Membership Fees are due by the 31st August. Fees include your ECF Membership Registration Fee, where applicable, and are as follows :

Social Membership Only (No ECF Registration)   -   £10
Full Membership (ECF Bronze Level)   -  £20
Full Membership (ECF Silver Level)   -  £27
Full Membership (ECF Gold Level)   -  £37

Junior Social Membership   -   Free
Junior Full Membership (ECF Bronze Level)   -   £11
Junior Full Membership (ECF Silver Level)   -   £16
Junior Full Membership (ECF Gold Level)   -   £26

To clarify, the different ECF Fees are based on which type of competitions you intend to play in. For purely local leagues, and other closed competitions, then Bronze Level Membership is all that you require. If you intend to play in congresses, or other Open tournaments, then you will require Silver Membership. If you intend to play in the 4NCL then you will require Gold Membership.

A 'Closed ' competition is a local competition that is only open to local players. An 'Open' competition is any competition that is open to anybody to enter.

Your ECF Membership will run from the 1st September 2016 until the 31st August 2017.

Please pay your fee to the Club Treasurer, Stuart Hull, as soon as possible. You will not be registered with the ECF until payment has been made.

Thank you.