Thursday, November 19, 2015

Disappointing Night For The 'A' Team

We were desperately unlucky at Newcastle 'B' last night. Glyn got back to winning ways with a win on board 3 and I drew on board 2. With Mike losing on board 4 we went into the late stages of the evening with the scores level at 1.5 - 1.5. Kasian was a Pawn up on board 1 and Derek was in an endgame with a Rook against 3 Pawns. Unfortunately, Kasian succumbed to an unstoppable attack on his kingside so we were relying on Derek on board 5 to save the draw for us. Unfortunately he was in severe time trouble and, in the time scramble, blundered his Rook away. So what had looked like a drawn match for most of the evening turned into a 3.5 - 1.5 defeat. Click here to view the match score card. We haven't had the best of luck in our return to Division 2. Unfortunately, our inability to field our strongest team in any of the matches has cost us dear, although we haven't been outclassed in any of them.