Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cheddleton 'F' v Fenton 'D' Dispute

The dispute between Cheddleton 'F' and Fenton 'D' regarding the game between John White and Samuel Beardsmore, where the Cheddleton player's mobile phone rang during the course of the game, has now been resolved. Cheddleton have agreed to concede the game, thereby changing the result to a 2-2 draw. The league table has been changed to reflect this. However, the game will be graded as a draw and will show in the Fenton statistics for John as a draw. My thanks to Robert Milner of Cheddleton for the speed and manner in which he resolved this. However, to avoid any repetition of this type of incident, I reiterate that if an opponent's mobile phone rings during a game then you, or your Team Captain, MUST claim the game - you have no discretion to do otherwise. Similarly, if your own mobile phone rings then I would expect you to resign immediately.