Friday, May 05, 2023

Fenton On The Move Again

Our move to Fenton Town Hall has not turned out as we would have liked. The lighting is very poor and we simply cannot afford the £30 - £40 a night that we were being charged for the room. Fortunately we have been offered a free home at the Longton Snooker & Pool Club (address at top of page) and we will be moving there from next week. We have had to change our Club night to a Tuesday, so our first night will be next Tuesday 9th May. The few remaining home matches that we have left will be put back a day to fit in with our new Club night. 

We have been allocated a large function room on the top floor. The bar and pool tables are on the ground floor and the snooker tables are on the first floor. If anybody would like to play pool or snooker you are welcome to do so, although you will obviously have to pay to use the tables.

It will be necessary for Members of the Chess Club to join the Snooker Club, but this is only £12 a year and is free to Over 65's and Under 18's. Bar food is available up until about 9:00 - burger and chips, pie and chips, all day breakfast, wraps, etc., that sort of thing.