Friday, June 24, 2022

Fenton Lose At Kidsgrove In South Cheshire Shield

Last night's match at Kidsgrove was a bit of a disaster, with Fenton going down by 3-1 in a match we had high hopes of winning. I didn't see too much of the games on boards 3 & 4, but when I looked at Jack's game on board 3 he was a Queen down, so no prizes for guessing the result there !!! Ken got what he claimed was a lucky win on board 4, but better to be a lucky player than a good player I always say. That put the score at 1-1, but then Mycle went gung ho on board 2 and played an unsound sacrifice and lost shortly afterwards. I was in a drawn position on board 1 but then lost concentration and left a piece en prise, losing the game. All in all a pretty disastrous evening. You can click here to view the match score card -