Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Ernie Leads The Way In Club Championship

There were 6 Club Championship matches played in yet another very busy night at the Club last night, with all tables taken in our usual playing area and a couple more overflowing into the pub dining area.

Ernie beat Gennady, in an 8th round match that was played early, and now leads the competition on 3/4. Steve beat Stuart, in another 8th round match that was played early, in an  extremely hard fought game that lasted until almost closing time, and with Stuart only having 90 seconds left on his clock. As things stand that leaves Steve in second place on 2.5/3. However, it transpires that they played with the wrong colours so this game might well be replayed. Glyn beat Chris Hankey and Petru beat Matt in two of the outstanding 1st round matches. Elsewhere, there were a couple of upsets, with new boy Vlad beating Mycle in their 1st round match and another new boy, Chris Brooks-Green, beating Chris Brian in a 2nd round match.

All of the 1st round matches have now been completed and 2nd round matches must be played on, or before, 14th March. You can click here to see the 2nd round draw and here to see the current standings.