Thursday, August 19, 2021

2021 AGM

The Fenton AGM will be held on Monday 13th September - a week before the NSDCA AGM, which is being held at Meir on Monday 20th September.

Following discussions at an NSDCA Committee Meeting last Monday evening, it was proposed that the League will re-start in the week commencing 4th October, albeit in a different format from previous years. It was proposed that all Clubs will be entered into a 6 round Swiss competition over 4 boards, which should finish by the end of December. At this point the Clubs in the top half of the table will then play in a Division 1 All-Play-All competition, to start in January. The teams in the bottom half of the table will then play in a Division 2 All-Play-All competition. There will be no Cup competitions this season.

It was also proposed that the wearing of masks be mandatory at all times in League matches for the foreseeable future. 

Obviously, these are only proposals at the moment and will be discussed and voted on at the NSDSCA AGM on the 20th September. Just a reminder that ANYBODY can attend and speak at the NSDCA AGM but only 2 Members from any Club are allowed to vote.