Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Yet Another Disaster For 'C' Team

The 'C' team's season goes from bad to worse.There was yet another completely avoidable loss for the team last night, going down by 3-1 against Crewe 'D'. Kas had a night he will want to forget on board 1, losing very quickly against an opponent graded 24 points lower than him. Grenville brought the match level with a good win on board 2 against an opponent graded 20 points higher than him. We then reverted to type on boards 3 and 4. Robert had a forced mate or the win of a piece on board 3. He spent a long time looking at the winning move and then opted not to play it, deciding instead to throw one of his own pieces away, and with it the game !! Chris seemed to be completely oblivious to the fact that we were playing with clocks and lost on time in what looked like a pretty dire position anyway. Click here for the full match scorecard. 

The disappointing thing is that we have the players to win this Division but time and time again we just blunder matches away.