Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Second Defeat For 'B' Team

The 'B' team lost their second successive match last night, going down by 3.5 - 1.5 against Macclesfield. I was the first casualty of the night on board 4, succumbing to a sacrifice that I could see coming but still allowed to happen. Glyn was next to finish with a draw on board 2. Grenville made a series of mistakes on board 5, culminating in the loss of his Queen. Max was 2 pawns up on board 3 and in a very good position. Unfortunately he was down to his last minute on the clock and had to agree a draw. Petru looked to be in an impossible position on board 1. He was the exchange down and his opponent had 2 pawns on the 7th rank. How he squirmed out of it only he knows, but he ended up going into an endgame with a Knight and 2 pawns against a Rook and a pawn. He played on, hoping for a win that was never going to happen, and with both players into the last couple of minutes on their clock the inevitable draw was agreed. Click here for the match score card.