Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Favourite Falls At First Fence

Glyn Valentine, the current Club Champion, and favourite for this year's event, was beaten in the 1st round last night. I was White against Glyn in an error strewn game in which he blundered a piece coming out of the opening. I then returned the favour three fold and went into an endgame 2 pieces down. However, I had a pawn on the 7th rank and was able to give up my Queen for a Knight and then Queen my pawn with check. I then managed to chase his King around the board until, in serious time trouble, he allowed me to skewer his King against his Queen on a long diagonal and it was game over.

In the other game played, Ernie was a piece up against Max and looked to have a winning position. However the next time I looked he'd given the piece back and was a couple of Pawns down. Fortunately for him though Max ran out of time, giving Ernie the game.

Next Monday should see the remaining 3 games played.