Thursday, June 15, 2017

County Cup Castastrophe

Last night's Gothard Cup Final was a disaster for the Club as we were whitewashed 5 - 0 by a very strong Sutton Coldfield team, who outgraded us by 132 points. On the bright side we did win the toss and had White on the odd numbered boards. That's the only thing we did win though. Robert and Ernie were both outgraded by about 40 points on the bottom 2 boards so we were up against it from the start. I didn't help by blundering my Queen away in what looked like a drawn position, not that this affected the match result !! Kasian, with the Black pieces, played his usual Gung Ho game - bringing his Queen out early, pushing his KR and KN Pawns forward and not bothering to Castle. No prizes for guessing how that turned out. I didn't see too much of Glyn's game, but he looked to have an inferior position and the next time I looked he had resigned. You can click here to view the full match score card.