Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Fenton Rapidplay Championship - Entries @ 9th August

Fenton Rapidplay Championship 2016
Entries @ 09/08/2016
Rob Taylor157
Ray Hyde152
Kasian Capatina149
Danny Griffiths128
Glyn Valentine126
Steve Emmerton123
Brian Birchall123
Bill Noble123
Ernie Wilkinson113
Robert West101
Jason Plant98
Peter Tidewell68
Joe Orsolics52
The July/August Grading List will be used.
Where a player has no grade in this list their last known rapidplay grade will be used.
Where a player has no past or present rapidplay grade their latest, or last known, standard play grade will be used.
The tournament will be run over 6 rounds. Time control is 10 minutes each on the clock, plus 5 second increments.
In the event of a 2-way tie an Armageddon game will be played to decide the Championship.
In the event of more than a 2-way tie - we'll cross that bridge on the night !!
The Tournament Controller will be Martyn Harris, whose decisions on all matters will be final.