Monday, May 02, 2016

A Pointless Weekend At The 4NCL

Glyn, Rob and myself turned out for Cheddleton '3' in Division 3 North of the 4NCL this weekend. However, they might as well have put a sack of potatoes in our chairs for all the use we were !! Glyn played on Saturday and Sunday and, by all accounts, he missed a win on Saturday and converted it into a loss. He then lost in a 4 pawn endgame on Sunday against a very strong opponent. Rob and I both played today -  and I use the word 'played' very loosely. I made a mistake on move 4, giving a pawn up for what I thought was a good position. Unfortunately all it actually did was lose a pawn. I then managed to struggle on for just over 4 hours and 53 moves before caving in. Rob lasted about an hour less and lost to a girl !! What more can I say !!??