Tuesday, April 19, 2016

'D' Team Falter In Home Straight

The 'D' team are showing signs of nerves as they attempt to make use of their matches in hand at the top of Division 5. A surprise home defeat against a Meir 'C' team who were outgraded on every board, and by a total of 74 points, leaves us still 3 points adrift of Cheddleton 'G', who we play next week, in what could be the defining match of the season. Mike got an early draw on board 1 and at this point all the other 3 boards were winning. Unfortunately Robert and Ernie both failed  to capitalise on their advantages and the games began to slip away from them. Ernie threw away a far superior endgame in which he was a pawn up and with his opponent having two sets of doubled pawns. Robert looked to have at least a draw going into his endgame but then blundered a Bishop away in time trouble. It was left to Stuart to give the match an air of respectability with a win on board 4. Click here to view the match score card.