Thursday, November 21, 2013

Steven Makes A Walley Of Himself

Fenton 'D' finally kicked off their Division 5 season with a 2.5 - 1.5 win against Cheddleton 'J' this evening. Unfortunately our new Captain, Steven Walley, omitted to confirm with Derek Whitehurst that he was playing. In his own words he said he thought he'd spoken to Derek but actually it was Jason. All he'd done was leave a message on a mobile that Derek doesn't use any more. So we hung around until past 8:00 for somebody who was completely unaware that they were playing. He's been suitably chastised and won't be making the same mistake again !! However, he did redeem himself in the match by winning his game on board 4, despite overlooking a mate on the move about a dozen moves before he actually won. Jason had a lucky escape on board 2 where he was under a lot of pressure and in an inferior position but then managed to fork King and Queen with his Knight. He then proceeded to make a complete dogs dinner of the game before eventually winning. Robert West got the half point required on board 3 to give us the match. Click here to view the full match scorecard.