Tuesday, September 10, 2013

South Potteries Chess Challenge Cup

Next Monday sees the 10th playing of the South Potteries Chess Challenge Cup. Meir lead the series by 5 - 4 at the moment so we'll be hoping to even the score this time round. It's unlikely that there'll be many (or even any) people at Longton on the night as most of us will be at Meir, so anybody not in the team might want to join us. You'll be able to treat it as an ordinary club night - just a different venue - as they have plenty of space. Mondays team is as follows :

  1. Ray Hyde
  2. Rob Taylor
  3. Tony Holdford
  4. Brian Birchall
  5. Steve Emmerton
  6. Neal Davies
  7. Geoff Yates
  8. Robert West