Saturday, January 12, 2013

Division 5 Jamboree

We have decided to enter a team in next Friday's Division 5 Jamboree at Cheddleton. As there was no Division 5 competition this year Martyn Harris thought it would be a good idea to just run a short series of Jamborees instead and this is the first of those. The normal Division 5 grading points total of 400 will apply and, in addition to that, there will be a grading limit of 125 on the highest graded player eligible to play. Players graded less that 75 will be considered to be 75 for grade totalling purposes. For those of you who are not familiar with Jamborees, we do not play against a particular club. Instead, our Board 1 could be playing the Board 1 from Team A, our Board 2 could be playing the Board 2 from Team B etc., etc. At the end of the evening each clubs scores will be totalled to give a winner. You only play one long play game, under normal NSDCA league rules, and all games will be submitted for grading in the normal manner. At the time of writing our team is : Geoff Yates, Mike Smith, Derek Whitehurst and Steven Walley.