Friday, November 09, 2012

Rob's Report

Rob Taylor has submitted the following report on last night's match. Let's face it - he's no Shakespeare but he does his best - bless him !!

Match Report – Stafford ‘B’ v Fenton ‘A’

An excellent team performance resulted in Fenton running out winners over Stafford. Mind you the night did not start too well as Steve, Fenton’s current Rapid Play champion, got held up en route and did not arrive until around 8pm. Apparently there was an accident on the A50 but the concensus is that it was down to his dodgy sat nav device !! Anyway the first to finish was Geoff on board 4, who despite being a pawn up, agreed a draw. It should be pointed out that during this game the rare sight of Geoff castling was observed – we do not know whether it was intended or he moved his king 2 squares in a move, realised it was illegal then castled.
Next to finish was Danny on board 2 whose match was very tight but with no advantage to either player likely a draw was agreed. It was now down to Steve and Rob to bring home the points. Once our resident ‘floor-walker’ settled down and got himself into his match Steve managed to get a material advantage and subsequently a comfortable win ensued. It should be pointed out that Steve was in shock as this was his first win of the season and it took a few seconds for this to settle in!! Around the same time Rob, who was on board 1, agreed a draw with his higher graded opponent even though he was in a strong position. This is typical of Rob who compromised his performance stats for guaranteeing a win for the team. Rob still remains unbeaten this year. Overall a very satisfactory night for the team !!