Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fenton Keep Up Pressure At Top Of Division 3

Yours truly takes a rest from writing tonight's match report, which comes from Rob Taylor.

Fenton 'B' won their latest match 3-1 with an excellent performance against a much higher graded Cheddleton 'C' team last night. Our beloved leader, Steve, fired up the team with a rousing Churchillian speech before the match, with the emphasis on 'playing for the team'. Geoff continued his excellent form with a win on Board 4. Next to finish was Derrick, who agreed a draw on Board 2 after a hard fought game. Rob, on Board 1, also agreed a draw against a much higher graded opponent, which left the score at 2-1 in our favour, with only a draw required for victory with Steve the last to finish on Board 3. Steve's opponent, having an inferior position and being a pawn down, offered Steve the draw. Well the rest of the team started to pack their bags in readiness to leave only for Steve , who obviously forgot his rousing speech before the match, to decline the draw !!! Steve 'I'm alright Jack' Emmerton then managed to allow his opponent a passed pawn, which subsequently Queened. Fortunately, Steve also Queened a passed pawn and after a 10 minute or so dogfight his opponent, not realising he was in check, touched his Queen which resulted in an automatic win for Steve. It was apparent that Steve was thinking more about his performance grade, completely forgot his speech to the nation, and nearly had to walk home when the rest of the team threatened to syphon his petrol. This win leaves us 2 points behind Cheddleton 'D' at the top of the table but with 2 matches in hand.

In another match taking place at Cheddleton, Cheddleton 'F' beat Meir 'C' by 2.5 - 1.5 to claim the runners-up spot in Division 4. Fenton 'C', the Champions for the past 3 years, have to settle for 3rd place, just in front of Fenton 'D' in 4th place.