Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Member Contact Details

You have probably noticed the Member Contact Details tab at the top of the page. This contains personal information such as telephone numbers and email addresses. As such it is password protected and can only be access by authorised Club Officers and Team Captains. If you fall into this category then please let me know and I will give you the password. 

There is a tab next to it - Fenton Membership List - which just displays a list of names of all of our Members, with no other information. This is accessible by anybody.

Both of these lists are updated whenever a new Member joins the Club and I get their contact details.

Club Championship 2022

The draw for the 2022 Club Championship has now been made and can be viewed here. 

Monday, January 24, 2022

'B' Team Extend Lead At Top Of Division 2

The 'B' team extended their lead at the top of Division 2 to 4 points with a 2.5 - 1.5 win at Meir last night. It looked touch an go for a while though. Chris Hankey and Sam Feibel put us into a 2-0 lead, leaving us needing only a draw to win the match. Chris Brian then played an England cricket Captain's innings on board 4 by throwing his Queen away in a won position. We were then relying on Dylan on board 3 to win the match for us. He was down by the exchange of a Rook for a Knight and looked to be losing. At this point I couldn't take any more and had to leave the room !! However, I then received a message from Chris Hankey to say that he had turned his losing position into a winning position, but then managed to turn that into a draw, which was all we needed to win the match. Click here to view the match score card. 

Glyn Takes Rapidplay Title

Congratulations to Glyn on winning the 2021 Rapidplay Championship. Wins in his belated final gcouple of games earlier this evening saw him take the title with a score of 6.5/7. There are still a couple of outstanding games but they cannot have any effect on the final outcome, so it is up to the players concerned whether they play them or not. Ray and Petru can still finish as Runners-Up so they may want to play them.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

New Venue

Following last night's meeting, it was agreed that the Club would now be meeting at the Gables pub as from next Monday. The address is 450 Trentham Road, Blurton, ST3 3DS. Start time will be 7:30 as usual. The venue is going to be free to us to use, although we should support them at the bar by pouring as many pints down our throats as we can manage !! There is also a good menu and the kitchen is open until 7:30 for anybody who wants to get there early for a meal.

First Defeat Of The Season For The 'B' Team

The 'B' team incurred a surprise loss at one of the Division 2 stragglers, Cheddleton 'E', on Friday evening. Steve, Mycle and Chris were all held to draws on boards 2, 3 and 4. Glyn was the last to finish and was unfortunately beaten in what looked very much like another drawn game, giving the hosts a 2.5 - 1.5 victory. Click here for the match score card.